Voip Telephony System

Voip Telephony System For The Generation X Companies

The wave of IP telephony system is sweeping the UK companies. I came across a news clipping that reported that many UK companies are replacing their existing telephony system with VoIP phone system.

I was wondering why such a complex technology for communication!!

It is not so easy to assess the performance of VoIP equipment as there are so many possible features, protocols and standards that there may not be a common basis for comparing the performance of various VoIP phones.

This doubt in my mind was cleared when I delved deeper into the VoIP technology. In VoIP telephony system, a single network is used to carry data as well as voice. This results in significant cost savings for a company. In fact, sometimes VoIP to VoIP calls are absolutely free!! This aspect may be particularly beneficial a company and its customer(s) decide to opt for VoIP phones for communication.

Usually, a company goes for IP telephony to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Encourage flexible working
  • Facilitate cross-company communication
  • Facilitate Tele-working

Ease of use and value for money are the top considerations during the purchase of VoIP phones.

VoIP phones may be a bit disappointing for those who have a fetish for style and design. The design values have taken a backseat as the technological enhancements comprise the USP of these phones.

Hey! No doubt that VoIP phones comprise the communication tool for the GenerationX! Isn't it?